Yes, tattooing hurts. Not as much as you may think, and not as other would like you believe. It’s best to prepare mentally for great pain because if you expect pain, you might lower the pain

You can position your tattoo anywhere. It’s recommended that the size of tattoo fits on the designated position.

Yes, with the proper sterilization and disinfection and control of the instruments used by the studio. Which means that everything that comes in contact with blood or bodily fluids needs to be disposed of (one-time basis) or sterilized (parts of the machine, etc.)

It means that every set of needles used for tattooing is totally new and unused. The needles are separately packed and sterilized. After use, the needles are disposed in the specified containers. One needle = one client.

All colors, paint caps, gloves, razors, pvc bags and other consumable materials are thrown after use. Nothing is used more than once so there is no chance of infection. After tattooing the work surface if cleaned with specially prepared agents for disinfection.

First off, study the area where the tattooing is being done. Is the tattoo room clean and professionally equipped. Your observations can tell you a lot. Then, ask questions. Professional studios enjoy bragging and take pride in their tattoo process so they won’t mind your questions.

Juveniles (under 18 years) will be serviced only if they are accompanied by their parents. Both client and their parent need to have a valid ID which proves their identity (driver license, passport). Every studio has their own rules regarding tattooing and piercing of juveniles. In our studio tattoos aren’t done on juveniles under the age of 16, even with parental consent. Also, depending on years, there are restrictions for piercing:
juveniles from 14-16 years old can only get a piercing on their ears, nose and lip,
juveniles from 16-18 years old can get all piercings except on tongue and nipples

You can’t come hungry. You must eat a big meal maximum of 3 hours before getting tattooed and pierced. You can’t show up tired, because hunger and tiredness cause you to be nervous, increase your sensitivity to pain and dizziness.

You can’t use any drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before getting a tattoo or a pierce because they can cause excessive bleeding and influence the quality of a tattoo or a pierce.

For a tattoo it’s best to call ahead 1-2 weeks in advance. It’s best to come to our saloon, find a motive and site, make an appointment and make advance payment which is deducted from the final tattoo price. If you do not show up at your scheduled appointment you lose your advance. For piercing it’s needed to call one day earlier.

Laser removal of a tattoo is performed in a way that a laser is guided above the tattooed area which with his beam bleaches skin pigment. This procedure is quite painful, leaves scars, takes a long time, needs to be done multiple times and it’s very expensive.

Is done by carving of the tattoo from a specific point of your body. It leaves a scar. It’s performed under anesthesia.

Latest on market, and still hard to acquire in our parts. Process takes 6-18 months. You have to rub the ointment on your tattooed area. It’s painless and leaves no scars.

Temporary or bio tattoos are most commonly used as a temporary make up and on these parts of your body last from 3 months to 2 years. On other parts of body it can’t be determined when they’ll evaporate because it depends on the ability of your body to degrade the color, so they can stay up to 30 years. Worst part is, this tattoo doesn’t degrade equally and after a certain amount of time it can create a stain that can stay on your body for longer periods. The method of making a bio tattoo is the same as in permanent tattoos, they only use different colors.

Contact your doctor and have him make a list of substances you’re allergic to and inform your tattoo master/artist.

Depending on the sickness, but if you’re suffering from a more serious illness make sure you consult with your doctor and your tattoo master/ artist.

You need to come to our studio for an appointment where you’ll find our firsthand how it’s doable, the positioning, size and price.

You need to come to our studio for an appointment. Here we’ll work out an arrangement and plans regarding your tattoo, as well as the price.

Tattoo pricing is determined by size, location, intricacy of the tattoo, and if it’s a larger tattoo in question we determine it by hours or appointments.

Pregnant women and the ones that are breastfeeding we do not tattoo because we want to protect the child from unwanted complications, and also we feel that motherhood comes first, there’s always time for a tattoo.