Word piercing comes from English word “pierce” which means to drill or to puncture. Tradition of body piercing reaches far into human history. People have been decorating themselves in various ways during the centuries. Various piercing types have their meaning through human history.


PIERCING OF EAR CARTILAGE comes from Africa, Indonesia and India as a simbol of beauty and wealth.

PIERCING OF NOSE AND EYEBROW originated in ancient Egypt and was a sign of imperial blood.

PIERCING OF THE LIP comes from Australia, New Guiney and Africa and was used in rituals to celebrate transition from infancy to maturity.

PIERCING OF THE TONGUE originated from Mayan tribes who pierced their tongues when they wanted to talk to their ancestors.

PIERCING OF THE NIPPLE first appears during the Roman Empire where men used to pierce their nipples to prove their courage. Also, in 14th century the women of Bavarya pierced their nipples and put gold circles with diamonds. It was considered charming.


ADVICE | It’s important to do piercing with a professional, certified individual and never alone or in illegal studios. Contrary, using needles that aren’t properly sterilized or needles with questionable history involve the risk of contracting hepatitis virus or HIV.