Finally came the day you collected enough courage and decided to get a tattoo. You come to the salon and you’re telling your tattoo artist what you want, how big you want it, and where you want it. After the tattoo is finished, and a job well done, you happily flutter back home, but…

After a while, you start noticing certain things. Maybe the placement is bad, maybe the size doesn’t actually work for you, you notice mistakes and shortcomings in the design, it’s not what it was supposed to represent…In reality, you don’t have what you wanted to get with the tattoo. Possible reasons for your regret are numerous, but most often, it is the fact that your tattoo artist was actually just a tool to transfer your ideas. The problem is, you do not have the proper information or the experience needed to know how to design a tattoo, find the right placement, choose the right technique, etc.

Let’s be real, no information you find on the internet is going to help you become a tattoo master over night. That’s what we are here for.

What our Inkdividual consultations offer is, first of all, for you to get all the necessary information needed so YOU could make the best decision for yourself, in which you’ll be 100% sure off; the decision for something you will have on your body for your whole life. For those exact reasons, we insist on Indkividual consultations before getting tattooed.

I will help you sort the priorities you’ll need to make a decision about tattooing, I will help you choose stile and the technique, and I will adapt the tattoo to you and your need.

To come for yourInkdividual consultation, you need to make an appointment.



  • Half-day → appointment duration max 5 hours
  • Time for coffee, juice or a smoke break if needed and without pressure
  • Ointment for tattoo aftercare (1 pc)
  • Black&gray tattoos (320 €)
  • Color tattoos (340 €)


  • Full-day → appointment duration max 8 hours
  • Time for lunch, coffee, juice or a smoke break if needed and without pressure
  • Ointment for tattoo aftercare (1 pc)
  • Insured transportation from the bus or train station if needed
  • Black&gray tattoos (500 € / 3013,80 kn)
  • Color tattoos (520 €)


  • For the scheduled appointment, advance payment is needed. If you schedule an appointment, then walkout after 3 hours, you still pay for the whole appointment
  • The appointment is only for a custom, unique tattoo, not for a bunch of smaller ones across the body
  • The tattoo won’t necessarily be done in one appointment, and the next appointment is, of course, charged again


If you find yourself in the next statements, then the VIP appointments are made for you.

  • I want a tattoo that nobody else has
  • I want it drawn and designed just for me
  • I want the tattoo tailor to make time just for me and my tattoo
  • I want to know exactly how much money I have to prepare
  • I want certain privileges that other do not have