Short and cute, but very important slogan you can most often read on our page is: Be yourself, Be unique. Think What You Ink!

You can find out what that really means and how process of tattooing looks at our studio by checking out Glenn's story - our client who traveled 2000 kilometers to get to Osijek. Through INKDIVIDUAL consultations, we redesigned his initial idea, created completely new symbols, got around annoying moles and ended up with a tattoo we are certain no one else has, and at same time, it contains everything Glenn initially wanted.

That's why I'll say it once again - if you want unique tattoo which suits your personality - Think What You Ink!



  • clients who want to get a tattoo, without any pressures regarding time or money
  • clients who know the size of the tattoo they want (for example, whole arm), but they do not know how long it will take
  • clients who want something unique and special in cooperation with tattoo master


Fixed price, ointment for maintaining the tattoo (1x), Lunch (if needed), depending on the appointment, 5 or 8 hours with tattoo master, depending on the appointment, Coffee or juice (if needed)

Ta-Ink eraser - Tattoo removal

Laser beam penetrates trough skin without damaging it and attacks colour directly. It breaks a colour under skin into small particles which absorbe from the body in a natural way.

You have an unwanted tattoo? You have a tattoo that you don’t like anymore? Tattoo removal is your best choice.


We specialize in making tattoos designed for everyone who wish their tattoo has a meaning. With our original approach we ensure our clients get unique work of their own choosing.