Short and cute, but very important slogan you can most often read on our page is: Be yourself, Be unique. Think What You Ink!

You can find out what that really means and how process of tattooing looks at our studio by checking out Glenn's story - our client who traveled 2000 kilometers to get to Osijek. Through INKDIVIDUAL consultations, we redesigned his initial idea, created completely new symbols, got around annoying moles and ended up with a tattoo we are certain no one else has, and at same time, it contains everything Glenn initially wanted.

That's why I'll say it once again - if you want unique tattoo which suits your personality - Think What You Ink!


For all that want a unique and custom made tattoo created in cooperation with the tattoo tailor, without the pressure of time or money.

Includes fixed price, ointment for tattoo aftercare, designated timeframe with the tattoo tailor only for you, lunch, coffee or juice if needed.


For every person with a strong character that wants to have a tattoo designed just for them and their body, with a special meaning.


Guide through everything you need before making a decision to get a tattoo, how to find an idea for a tattoo and how to realize it.

All the information you’ll need so you can have a conversation and individual counseling with your tattoo tailor.