About us

Tattoo studio “Anubis” began working on 03/19/2004, which makes us the oldest studio of the kind in Osijek and the surrounding area. We are located in downtown Osijek, Kapucinska 27/2 floor-Korzo. The main service of the studio is tattooing.

We specialize in making tattoo designs for everyone who wishes their tattoo has a meaning, deeper reason or purpose. With out original approach, we ensure that our clients get the unique work of their own choosing which will visually present things they could only imagine before.

But what makes us different?

First and foremost, we are constantly working on raising the awareness of our clients and giving the right advices. From the beginning of our studio, we dedicated ourselves to constant advancement in the areas of tattoo quality, collaboration with clients, providing needing information, innovation and education through various seminars and conventions, and debunking false stories, myths and misunderstandings about tattooing on a global level.

Discretion is our top priority!

Our approach is based on individual work with the clients in a totally relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We offer everything from a tasty cup of coffee to valuable advice. We’ve devoted to solving the problems that others are too afraid to mention, or even fail to notice.

Zoran Pocrnić (owner, drawer, tattoo & piercing master)


I was born in the city of Osijek in 1980. I graduated from Mechanical-Technical High School in Osijek, where in the 2-grade I had my first encounter with tattooing. By the end of high school, a few of my friends and I mutilated (tattooed) each others with a needle and a thread. After high school, I served in military where my desire for tattooing took shape (whole bunch of test subjects 😀).

In 2001., I bought my first professional tattoo equipment and slowly entered the world of tattooing. Back in those days, there were no professional tattoo studios in my area (the closest one was in Zagreb), so I had a chance to work on my skill from home.

In 2004., together with my wife, I set up and opened Anubis, with the goal of giving our county its first quality and professional tattoo studio. I specialized in color realism. I’ve attended the seminars with some of the world’s top tattoo masters Mike Devries and Joe Copabianco. Throughout the years, I’ve never stopped investing in education, material, equipment and safety for which I was recognized and rewarded on many international tattoo conventions.

Naturally, that only gave me an even greater desire and motivation for advancement.



That is how it was up to 8 years ago. A lot has changed since; for better or for worse, it is up to you to decide.

I stopped competing, I came up and implemented a new, innovative approach to tattooing, I pulled myself from the mainstream tattoo world and closed the doors of my tattoo studio, I choose my clients by their character or, in other words, I don’t work with everyone. Every project between my clients and me has always been realized by ideal symbiosis; work system, technique and stiles were adapted for clients so they would get the most out of me.

I’m conducting educations and seminars, and am in the process of completing a few big projects for which you will be notified.