I’ve spent the last few years studying and exploring the ways on how to make a tattoo that will provoke the same emotional reaction  in you as looking at the pictures in the photo album. Usually, when you look in the photo albums, the photos you see are sure to provoke some emotional reactions in you related to the person or the event depicted in that photo.

What I want to accomplish with the Tattoo with character is to convey not only a visual but, before anything else, an emotional message. So I could accomplish that, I do Inkdividual consultations with my clients in which we have a discussion about the tattoo based on emotions and not visual triggers and stimuli.

In accordance with that, the position, placement, size and price of the tattoo depend on the clients and mine decisions that we’ve reached during the consultations.

You will acquire an ideal tattoo for you and your character only when you are not burdened or held back by the positioning, size and price of the tattoo, and when you’re 100% certain in your idea and the decision to get a tattoo.

If you use YOUR idea, and MY experience and knowledge, you will get MORE than you expected, guaranteed.


That you will never regret your decision!

That you will not care about others opinions, because what you choose is eternal contentment!

A unique tattoo that does not exist on anyone’s body!