There are many possible ways to care for your tattoo. When you come to our studio, and with our instructions, you’ll choose the best one for you.

We ask you to follow the instruction exactly as they are presented and explained to you.


In the healing period of first month, it is FORBIDDEN to:

  • Bathe in seas, rivers, pools…
  • Sunbathing, solarium, sauna, jacuzzi, laying in bathtub
  • Sports, gym and other physical exertions
  • Exposing the tattoo to dust or covering it with dirty clothes
  • Picking and tearing off small scabs from the tattoo
  • Scratching the tattoo
  • Wearing tight clothes over the tattoo, or the clothes that don’t allow the air to flow, as well clothes made from wool (best to use is cotton)
  • Covering the tattoo with cotton wool, gauze, oil, etc.
  • Allow punches or injuries to the area of your tattoo


In the healing period, your tattoo will peel, it will look like it is flaking and the ink is falling off, and it will itch, which is all a normal occurrence. After a month, come back for the follow-up to see if the tattoo healed properly. During the summer months, you must keep the tattoo protected with the sun factor 50+.