Surgical stainless steel is a specific type of steel that’s used in medical purposes. It’s made from a couple of components: chrome, nickel (sometimes and in small amounts) and molybdenum.
Chrome gives the steel resistance to scratches and corrosion Nickel gives it easy polishing quality. Molybdenum provides greater hardness.
There are two types or stainless steel: martensitic and austenitic.
The word “surgical” refers to the fact that this kind of steel is well adapted for manufacturing of surgical instruments. They are easy to clean and sterilize, it’s very resistant to corrosion. Nickel/chrome/molybdenum alloys is also used in manufacturing of orthopedic implants for bones and as a structural part of artificially made cardiac valves and other implants. However, immune system can sometimes respond with potential complications when using Nickel. In some cases for implantation titan is used. (if it’s permanent).
Implants and equipment are pressurized (fixating the bones with screw drivers, artificial limbs, boy piercing jewelry) is made of austenitic steel, commonly 316 L i 316LVM in according with ASTM F138 because they are less fragile.
316 surgical steel is used in production and handling of food and pharmaceutical products. ASTM F138 [3]-compliant steel is used in manufacturing piercing jewelry.
It can be sterilized in Autoclave


Bioplast is actually a combination of two words, biological and plastic. So, as you can probably guess, bioplast is a biological friend of type of plastic. In other words, it’s a plastic material designed as piercing jewelry.
Besides more expensive sorts such as titan, surgical steel, bioplast is one of the safest. That is an important fact because piercing can be extremely irritated or infected from low quality materials.
Biggest advantage of BIOPLAST is its flexibility. Especially in jewelry used embedded in body. Reason for that is that will allow the piercing to slowly spread and breathe which allows swelling without irritation. Essentially BIOPLAST is jewelry that will adapt to your body. That’s why BIOPLAST jewelry is perfect for piercing. It doesn’t cause allergies and it doesn’t change the temperature on outside changes. Bioplast is considered starting jewelry for piercing. It helps the body in adapting and healing faster. It can be sterilized in Autoclave.
All things considered, this is one of the best materials for piercing.


Titanium is light and strong metal, resistant to corrosion. It appears in many minerals out of which the two most important sources are rutile and ilmenite, who are widely dispersed in the country. One of the most important titanium characteristic is that is has the strength like steel but at a same time it’s twice lighter. By characteristics is most similar to zirconium. It got his name by the Titans in Greek mythology. Piercing jewelry is made of titanium grade 23 (Ti6AL4VELI) which is accepted in the world for its use in medicine (pacemakers).
In titanium piercing jewelry there is no nickel so we recommend it to people who have extreme allergies to metals.
It can be sterilized in Autoclave.