Anubis Testimonials

INKDIVIDUAL consultations are demanding, but they are also the most important part of the tattooing process

Unique approach

Good day to you all!

The following is my story of the journey of getting a new tattoo.

I’m one of those people who would always like to get a tattoo (you know what I’m talking about) – maybe stars, maybe flowers, a quote – something that means absolutely nothing for me…

So I came up with a new idea.

But this time tattooing wasn’t as easy as usual.

I came across Anubis tattoo studio on the internet, and when I finally managed to persuade myself to read their story, I was sure I was getting my new tattoo there!

I loved that their story was different; their approach and quality of work got me convinced!

My expectations were as always – I’ll come, we’ll agree on design, and that’s it. I had a photo of a tattoo I wanted, but I needed help with the overall impression of my idea!

Admittedly, I wanted something different than before.

Little to say I was shocked when I came to Anubis!

What surprised me?


I came and I DIDN’T get what I wanted!

Wait, wait! Don’t be afraid!

It was a great luck that I didn’t get what I wanted. I got more than that!

– Žvaki, do you want to see a picture of what I want to get tattooed?

– No!

What does he mean ‘no’?? How will he know what I want? I can’t describe it to him because it won’t make any sense. Even if I do describe it, will I get exactly what I want? How come he doesn’t want to see the picture ?!

He didn’t wanna see it, because it’s somebody else’s work and somebody else is wearing that tattoo.

– You’re not going to get a tattoo on the Internet, what kind of nonsense is that?, he told me.

The “client” approach (I don’t like to call myself that btw, but I am a client) in Anubis is something completely new, which I never experienced before. Honestly, it’s not easy, let it be known right away…

And in the end I really like that it isn’t!

Something like this you haven’t and won’t experience anywhere else! Mark my words.

What I liked the most was that Žvaki cares about the client’s ideas; he didn’t let me come out of the studio with someone elses tattoo on my body; that he has a different approach to his work!

He gave me a lot to think about until our next session.

Now I look at permanent body decorations differently.

Žvaki won’t let you get a tattoo of something you’ll stop loving after some time. And you won’t be aware of it at first!

Let’s admit that the Chinese letter or butterfly that you put on yourself with Miljenko’s signature (who studied in prison with an improvised tattoo machine he made out of pen) bothers you now for some unjustified reason, and it’s not clear what even attracted you to the mulberry silkworm… Nothing, whimsy.

Well, my friend, Žvaki won’t let you do that.

I really loved that Žvaki wants to create with his clients something they will like today, tomorrow and forever.

The INKDIVIDUAL consultations that Žvaki recommends to every client are very necessary, now I see and know that.

That’s the most important thing in this whole story!

Psychotherapy which will open your eyes

The first time I left the consultation, I didn’t know if I came or if I went, what happened there, who I was, who he was, why I wanted to get a tattoo, why I didn’t know why.

What a psychotherapy! But when you take a step back and look at the whole picture, a man knows what he’s doing.

If you don’t understand at first why the process is the way it is, you will get it eventually.

The experience in Anubis changed the way I think, because the proud owner of the just mentioned Miljenko’s mulberry silkworm tattoo is in fact me (don’t ask me why, it’s a painful topic).

If I had come up with that idea to Žvaki, I wouldn’t be crying now over the butterfly.

I wouldn’t have it at all.

Because Žvaki knows that mulberry silkworm represents nothing in your life, nor will it.

Unless you’re a biology professor and you really love butterflies, but I’m a hairdresser who in fact hates them.


I’m here to open your eyes.

Or at least one.

Basically, this is a completely different approach to clients with a mutual desire to create unique tattoo that will mean something to you and that you will love.

I came up with the idea to decorate one part of the body with a specific pattern, and eventually fell in love with fairies.

But my fairy got its decoration and parts of my original idea! I got what I wanted, and more!

It never occurred to me that I would become the proud owner of something that was in my subconscious.

I have what I want and what I love today, and will love tomorrow and forever!

Žvaki, thank you for everything and I’ll see you again!!

Katarina Vukić