Anubis Testimonials

All my shortcomings have been turned into advantages in Anubis studio

Waiting to find the right studio was best decision I made

Tattooing has been my desire for a long, long time. Always present, but never realized for a bunch of stupid and a few key reasons.

Under the key reasons I classify the lack of an idea about the look of the tattoo and the place where I’d put it.

Occasionally, the desire popped up harder in my head, but it also disappeared because I didn’t have that beginning that I thought was necessary to deal with that idea more strongly and make my wish come true.

Looking back, I consider not forcing any motive just to have a tattoo, the best decision I’ve made.

A number of circumstances still led me to a tattoo studio, but as an accompaniment. That way I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the process from the very beginning.

Already in the first few minutes it became clear to me that nothing was as I had imagined and assumed – fortunately.

I realized that Anubis is not a studio where you have to come with an already-made idea, picture or instructions.

Individual approach is the biggest advance of Anubis studio

I scheduled my first appointment which I was still a little terrified of, but the desire to get tattooed became stronger than any other option.

I was horrified by the thought of coming to my first tattoo appointment with the idea of ​​”I know what I don’t want”.

Again, luckily for me, the tattoo artist accepted this as an advantage, as something great, so my first hurdle was skipped as well.

It took us literally hours to design my tattoo.

Patience and commitment to the client through an individual approach is for me the most important thing in the whole process because if it weren’t for that, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a tattoo today.

I think the fact that I showed up with an idea of a few numbers I wanted to get done, but not in colour and not too big, and in the end I got a pretty big, colored tattoo without any numbers; but am yet very satisfied, speaks for itself.

When it was over I couldn’t stop saying I couldn’t believe it was MY tattoo!

MY tattoo in every sense of the word.

It contains everything I wanted but couldn’t explain.

It has dedication, which was important to me, it’s in the best place I could have imagined, the picture is just about everything I wanted, even more.

I learned something new about myself - physically and mentally

At the end of my journey with tattooing, I can only say that I am overjoyed to have gained a new, unique experience; that it is now finally clear to me how someone becomes addicted to tattooing and that I have learned something new about myself (physically and mentally).

I wouldn’t change a single step.

Everything I had considered my shortcomings was turned into an advantage in Anubis studio.

That is why I am signing this text with “Very satisfied client” who, it seems to me, is “hooked”.