Anubis Testimonials

I came to Anubis with no idea, and came out with a work of art

Žvaki loves and feels his job

I admired my friend’s tattoo over a drink, it was just great. In fact, ‘great’ is a weak word for that piece of art.

It was PERFECT!!

I asked where she got it, because I had wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but out of fear of possible unwanted drafts on my body, I constantly put off the idea.

That’s when I found out about Žvaki.

She didn’t have to explain much. Just looking at that work was enough. That’s it, I’m going to Anubis studio to get my tattoo!

I didn’t know what to expect, and other than the desire, I didn’t even have an accurate vision of my tattoo. Just a place on my body where I wanted to put it.

The first meeting with Anubis studio was quite unexpected.

I had a vision in my head of a person doing a great job, and in the end I would conclude Žvaki is a person who empathizes with his job, and that means a lot.

First we had a consultations which are an extremely useful and somewhat unusual conversation, in a positive sense. The consultations confirmed once again that I really wanted to get a tattoo; and an all-day tattoo appointment just for me gave me even more confidence that I had chosen a good tattoo studio.

In order to get to Osijek, I had to take a vacation at work, because no other studio was an option for me.

I trusted him and it paid off

I would especially emphasize the process of choosing a tattoo, researching my desires, with the influence of Žvaki’s expertise. From the size of the tattoo, motif, design, color, etc.

There is no photo that you show and he copies it. Žvaki doesn’t work that way, which in my estimation is very important, because I’m the only one who owns my tattoo.

Honestly, I put a lot of confidence into the whole process and each of his ideas fit in perfectly with my wishes. No impositions, just ideas that match mine.

Žvaki definitely assesses well the personality and suitability of a tattoo to a particular part of the body. I had only one small motive as a wish, everything else more or less came from him.

Moreover, throughout the whole process I had no idea what I would end up getting. Roughly I did, but not completely, and I wasn’t scared, because it’s an art, and I’m ultimately overwhelmed by the art I got.

What I liked most about Žvaki was that huge expertise, hygienic conditions, which is very important, music, great patience and acceptance of diversity.


The experience at Anubis is truly lasting and I no longer need to look for where to get my next tattoo. It’s definitely Anubis!


And most important of all – I came with no idea, and left with a smile on my face because I got exactly what suits me and what I like!