Anubis Testimonials


The beggining

I think I first visited Anubis tattoo studio in 2009. I decided to pierce my eyebrow and my girlfriend  and I found the phone number on Google. Honestly, I didn’t know about other studios at the time, and some acquaintances got tattooed in Anubis, so the name of the studio stuck in my head.

When I first came to Anubis, Žvaki greeted me friendly and I had the impression that we had known each other for years. It may sound ridiculous, but it is true. That positivity thrilled me and that was it. I got pierced.

For my first tattoo, I knew exactly what and where I wanted it. I thought I would come, say what I want to get tattooed, sit down and Žvaki would do it.

INKDIVIDUAL consultations

All my knowledge fell into the water after the first consultation. I left the studio disappointed because I realized that I didn’t know anything about tattooing. I had no idea what to have done, but we agreed on an appointment date anyway.

I was surprised when Žvaki said that what I wanted could not be done and that he wouldn’t do it. I thought, WTF? Doesn’t he want money, he doesn’t need it or what ?!

At the first consultation, I was mostly impressed that Žvaki sat down with me, we had coffee, talked about life in general… he was actually getting to know me. We were alone, which is extremely important because it’s awkward to talk about personal things when strangers constantly barge in and interrupt the conversation.


In my opinion, INKDIVIDUAL consultations should definitely be done before tattooing because they play a huge role in deciding on the style and theme of the tattoo.

The experience of tattooing at Žvaki’s left a strong impression on me. Ina way, I came out of my shell, I was an emotionally much stronger person afterwards and I became what I wanted to be. Tattoos have been crucial to a step further in my life and now, of course, I don’t mean to stop having them.

The process

By the way, for the first tattoo, I wanted Phoenix on the outside of my upper arm, but Žvaki said Phoenix would look like a sparrow if put on that part of my body. And so a full sleeve of the left hand was created that stretches to the chest and goes over the shoulder to the shoulder blade. After that he started full sleeve on my right hand and we already have a plan for next tattoos.

In the end, I can only say that I would never go to another studio and another artist because tattooing at Žvaki is not a job but more like therapy, socializing and friendship that changed me as a person for the better.

Žvaki sticks to clients, to the quality of the tattoo and the details, and he is by no means a “tattoo factory” that just punches and sells them.

That’s why, artist Žvaki, I wish you health and long life. Only thing I can say is – thank you for everything!

Zoran Majstorović