Anubis Testimonials


My type of studio

Nine years ago I made a fairy tattoo on my leg, and three years ago I started thinking intensely about finishing it. At that time I had just moved to Osijek and while googling tattoo studios in the city, I came across Anubis who immediately interested me because it was different from the others.

Even then, I decided that I’m gonna do my tattoo there, but three more years passed until my INKDIVIDUAL consultation with Žvaki. In the meantime, I’ve reviewed most of the content on the salon’s official website and just confirmed that this is really where I want to get a tattoo. By the content itself, I saw that they take care of their clients, and the works are very individual, unique and different.

No idea, whatsoever

My problem at the time was that I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to finish my tattoo, and I expected the tattoo artist to figure it out for me, even though I had absolutely no idea what I wanted. So, I had quite high expectations 😊 In the end, through working together, all my expectations were met.

That’s what definitely surprised me the most – the effort Žvaki puts into creating a design that will make client’s eyes sparkle. And until that happens,  he won’t start tattooing.

I almost agreed to something that was definitely not my tattoo style and that I wouldn’t be completely happy with. Žvaki recognized this and continued to talk to me further and look for a solution that in the end we were both sure was ‘the one’.


INKDIVIDUAL consultations are definitely something that all tattoo parlors should offer, because they are a very good filter and some people may only realize after such a conversation that they are not ready for a tattoo after all; only then do they realize that it is something they will carry forever, realize that they are not sure of their idea or become even more sure that they really want it.

In my case, after the INKDIVIDUAL consultation I just confirmed to myself once again that I am confident in my decision and that I am sure I have chosen a good tattoo studio where I will get exactly what I am looking for, even though I didn’t know exactly what I wanted.


My attitude about tattooing has expanded since my experience in Anubis. I have started to think more about some deeper reasons why people get tattooed and about some deeper meaning and impact of a tattoo on the individual who wears it.


And the most valuable thing I’ve learned is that I don’t have to have a crystal clear image (or image from the internet, as many think) of what I want to get done. It’s enough that I have a desire and a framework idea and in collaboration with a tattoo artist I can get what I’m looking for, and it definitely doesn’t have to be what I might have imagined at first.


I was imagining something completely different, but guided by the feeling and confidence in my tattoo artist, I got exactly what I needed.

I still can’t fully believe that so much of my personality was transferred to that tattoo after just a few conversations with Žvaki who did most of the tattoo “out of his head”. From my point of view, he did it superbly 🙂

Žana Petrović Čizmadija