Anubis Testimonials


by Žvaki

Want a unique tattoo?

Want a unique tattoo that is tailored just for you and your character? Such a tattoo does not exist on the Internet. Such a tattoo must be made for you and by you. For a tattoo to be made by you, it requires an individual approach, not the way everyone works, right?

In order to ultimately really get your tattoo that you will appreciate and respect for the rest of your life, exceptional collaboration and communication between the client and the tattoo artist is required. The current way that exists (the client dictates to the tattoo artist how and what he wants, or vice versa) will not lead you to what you need. The only right way is symbiosis, i.e. understanding and proper communication between the client and the artist.

The words we use to create a tattoo – idea, design, style, dark, kitschy, fit, beautiful, I like – and more, must be synchronized, that is, both the client and the artist must understand those words in the same way.

Does being too dark or too colorful mean the same to me as it does to you? I don’t think so, but how do you explain it?

Why INKDIVIDUAL consultations?

INKDIVIDUAL consultations are an educational conversation that I have developed to solve the initial problems that arise when creating your tattoo.

  • It is educational in nature, which means you will have the opportunity to understand what tattooing really is and what you can get and ask from it.
  • It is interactive, which means that you are not just listening to a boring lecture, but you participate directly, which allows you to absorb and understand a large amount of information.
  • It is realistic, which means that I am not selling you a story, but presenting rough facts that you may or may not accept, but one thing is for sure – you will not be able to refute them.
  • It is safe because it is directed only towards you and for your well-being. A tattoo artist does not benefit from this information, while it allows you to protect yourself from being manipulated, coaxed, etc.
  • Broaden your horizons. New perspective views and new information allow you to be genuinely creative in expression and show you more ways to get your tattoo.

What to expect from INKDIVIDUAL consultations

  • Each INKDIVIDUAL consultation is done one on one with the client and the whole story, which lasts about an hour, uses real life examples to allow you to understand everything.
  • The information that a tattoo artist presents to you has been collected over the years, based on hard facts and hundreds of client experiences.

What you will hear will shake the whole world you currently know about tattooing.

What you will hear will not leave you cold-blooded, but will kindle a fire in you and throw you off balance.

And one thing is for sure – it will bring you to the threshold of your decision and leave you with only two choices – you will either decide to get a tattoo or you will give up. Whatever decision you make will be good for you because you will not recklessly rush into a lifelong decision and eventually regret it.

An hour of INKDIVIDUAL consultation costs 400 kunas, and you can book yours at 00385 91 783 4388.

We do not make copies of other people’s works and pictures from the Internet.

Be Yourself, Be Unique. Think What You Ink!