OLD SCHOOL – Old style featuring bold blue-back outlines with limited number of basic colors and classical motives such as black panther, harts, pin-up girls, rose.


TRIBAL – Tribal is the name given for a drawing completely colored in black, which grew popular last few years. It’s roots stretch, among others, from Polynesian islands where tribes are traditional tattooed for different rituals and festivities. Maori from New Zealand are tattooed across their faces and are probably the most famous example. Modern tribal designers have no specific meaning, they’re simply used as decoration for those people that aren’t sure what image they want. Tribal style can be used as backgrounds or for dismantling certain parts.


HAIDA – This style comes from Haida and Kwakiutl tribes of American Indians. They are usually done in red-black combination. It’s art with deep meaning for those who belong to its culture.


CELTIC – Represents Celtic, Viking, Croatian and other braids in form of bracelets, crosses and different animals. They are often used as supplements to go with images of warriors, wizards, vikings and mythic creatures.


PORTRAITS AND FINE LINES – Portraits can be done directly from a photograph, who needs to be in good quality and big enough to spot all the facial details of a person or the animal. Usually people do portraits of their closest friends and family, favorite animal, warriors, famous people or scenes from nature. Fine lines are exactly what they’re called and are usually used in working with portraits. They can be used for big details and small pieces.


FANTASY – In this style are portrayed scenes and character from various epics, mythologies and religions. Often dragons, wizards, elves, unicorns, pegasus, etc. These images are usually filled with various colors.


BIOMECHANICAL – Is based mainly on motives from science fiction. Most famous creator of this tattoo style is H. R. Giger. But besides his motives usually are drawn: aliens, various gear wheels, machine parts etc.


LETTERING – This style represents tattoos or letters that carry certain messages, initials or names and it’s quite popular.


ORIENTAL – This style is best represented on tattooed bodies of the Yakuza. It’s characterized by motives of flowers, fish, dragons, samurai and Buddhist deities spread throughout the body.


NEW SCHOOL – In this style there are no rules or limitations. What matters is that a tattoo is well done.