Instruction before and after


Tattoo needs to be preserved and maintained for one month in a following way:

  • when you come home after getting a tattoo, the tattoo needs to be washed with water (not too cold, and not too hot) and soap (shower gel)
  • gently wipe it by placing the towel on it, without rough moves
  • after wash, smear the tattoo with BEPHANTEN OINTMENT, and not with other ointments that aren’t designed for tattoos
  • do not place the ointment directly from a tube on a tattoo, squeeze it on your finger and smear a thin layer on a tattoo (so that it glows)
  • tattoo always needs to be kept wet in a way that your skin is always wet and well ointment because in that way you prevent the formation of wounds.
  • every time before applying the new layer of ointment you need to wash the old one.


In healing period (1 month) of a tattoo IT IS FORBIDEN:

  • to bathe in sea, rivers,…
  • sunbathing, solarium, sauna, jacuzzi, laying in bathtub,
  • sports, gym, and other physical exertions,
  • exposing to dust and covering the tattoo with dirty clothes
  • picking and tearing off wounds
  • scratching the tattoo
  • wearing tight clothes over the tattoo and clothes that don’t allow the air to flow as well as woolen clothes (best cotton)
  • do not cover with cotton wool, gauze, foil, …
  • avoid punches in that area of the body


In the healing period the tattoo will peel, it will look like that the color is falling off and it will itch, but it’s all part of a normal healing procedure. After 30 days come for a checkup in order to determine whether or not the tattoo was a success.During summer months, you need to keep the tattoo safe with sun factor 50+.